How to Consistently Get Quality Backlinks

Because you need to work at it on a regular basis, getting targeted backlinks to your site requires you to be very dedicated. One reason to be consistent about getting backlinks to your site is without it, your site won't achieve your desired ranking. Secondly, even if you do get to rank for your primary keyword, you won't be able to maintain your rank because there is obviously going to be competition. How do keep adding relevant backlinks so you can maintain your momentum?

Give Out Testimonials: You can find websites in your niche selling products and services that are looking for testimonials.

Provided that the sites are trusted and reputable, you can have your link go along with the testimonial, giving you the advantage of getting a targeted backlink to your site. So search for sites in your niche that are looking for testimonials. In case you give feedback for a product, make sure you mention it clearly that they can use it as a testimonial, given that they link to your site.

Submit to Article Directories: The easiest way to build relevant backlinks is through article directories. There are many directories, both broad and targeted, that you can submit articles to and have your link mentioned in the resource box. is one of the most popular directories that receives high traffic and has a great relationship with Google. So if you can regularly submit your articles to this directory, you can expect to create high quality backlinks to your site. You can find many smaller niche based directories that accept submissions for free so don't limit yourself to only the top directories. Your backlinking possibilities will better, the more you use these directories.

Create a great theme: Most online designers will create themes and then give them away for free to drum up more business. This is an often un-noticed way of building thousands of backlinks to your site in a short amount of time. This method often brings in thousands of backlinks fast. It's fairly common to see themes becoming quite popular among bloggers. This is often referred to as viral marketing when a theme is distributed and spreads fast.

Once you know what you're doing, regularly generating quality backlinks to your site isn't difficult. It will take time to start seeing results and before your site reaches the top spot in major search engines. But again, until and unless you take consistent action, you won't see any real results coming your way.

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